The Ten Commandments Pin

It's our gift to you.

Imagine people of faith all over America - and in every area of society - identifying themselves with the standard of righteousness upon which this nation was founded. That's the inspiration behind the striking design that has become the Ten Commandments Pin.

"It is our desire to offer people an attractive, dignified expression of their devotion to God's standard of righteousness," says Wexler, "something they can wear on their lapel that shows their respect and devotion for that standard. "

The Ten Commandments Commission commissioned a Jerusalem craftsman to produce a design that would depict the unchanging glory of God's law. We believe God's hand was on this artist, because what he designed truly represents the glory and holiness of these divine laws.

This dignified and beautiful Ten Commandments Pin gives expression to the deep respect and reverence generations of Americans have had for the Ten Commandments and the Judeo-Christian principles that have guided our nation from its inception. We will be honored to send you a pin with your donation of $25.00 or more.

At a time when the Ten Commandments are being banned from schools and courthouses -- along with prayer, Scripture, and expressions of faith -- it is crucial for people of faith from all walks of life to take a bold stand for righteousness. We trust that on the first Sunday in the month of May  The Ten Commandments Day, thousands of clergy, ministry leaders, congregations, and people of faith around the nation - and world - will join in celebrating the annual Ten Commandments Day.

The Ten Commandments Pin was designed for this awesome observance. Our vision is for everyone who honors God's law and His righteous standard to proudly wear the Ten Commandments Pin and be a part of the Ten Commandments Day observance.

As a pastor or community leader you can play an active part of this movement to restore reverence for God's law and righteousness by ordering Ten Commandments Pins for every member of your family or congregation - and then wearing them boldly on Ten Commandments Day and beyond! Please contact us for more information.

Be a part of this powerful display of unity as we boldly declare our unwavering support for the bedrock principles that made our country great-the Ten Commandments.

Please donate $25.00 or more and get your Ten Commandments pin.