The Ten Principles for America
Dr. Ron Wexler

The Seventh Commandment

“You shall not commit Adultery”. Simply by definition this term refers to a life between a married man and woman. In the bible this prohibition is regarded as a capital offense if not adhered to. As we have made distinct parallels in our previous study of the five commandments found on the first tablet and the five on the second tablet, this commandment, you shall not commit adultery relates perfectly with the second commandment, which is do not commit idolatry. Adultery is a betrayal to a marital partner whereas idolatry is a betrayal to God.

This commandment, as per the Sages, alludes to many other levels of sins beyond the one prescribed. The Sages spoke on certain improprieties and behaviors that can evoke sensual lust but not actually adultery. However, the thought in itself would be considered adultery. Moreover, to interfere with someone’s livelihood and privacy is an extension of this prohibition, because it demonstrates disregard of other’s rights.

Because we possess such powerful sex drives, one might ask, are we truly created to be faithful to just one person. But God says: You must not commit Adultery. God said: “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him”. Each time someone commits adultery he or she is defying one of Gods primary principles of life, which is faithfulness. God created marriage because the experience of loneliness was unique to men and men only. All of Gods other creatures are able to fulfill their purpose by just being what they are (animals). Man however, represents much more then mere existence, every person irrespective of their environment, lifestyle or race, has tremendous potential just because they have been made within the image of God. Unlike other creatures any person can fall far short of his or her potential. Mankind can achieve their maximum potential by following the directives given by God. Man was never intended to be self contained; a marriage between man and woman is a pivotal part of man’s ability to fulfill his potential.

The problem of adultery is wide spread, and what is worse is that the greater part of society does not adhere to this commandment. In all likelihood this group believes that the seventh commandment is perhaps out of date. The rich and famous, such as Paris Hilton, flaunt their sexuality and promiscuity. They are in the media 24/7 and have become the role models for a whole generation.

These groups have perhaps rationalized and formed this assessment because they do not fully understand the nature of man in relation to you must not commit Adultery. With many psychiatrists within our hedonistic society, many believe that for one to fulfill his sex drive is the most important part of his or her life, and to place restrictions on this is quite simply beyond their comprehension.

When men and women marry, they take vows: I take you my wife/husband, promise to love you, promise to keep and serve you, promise to care for you in sickness and in health, promise to stay with you whether rich or poor, and promise to be faithful and forsake all others until death do us part. Adultery in one act sweeps away all of these promises, it makes a mockery out of the union of marriage and all of the vows spoken. It cancels out all of the trust and confidence in which marriage is bases its foundation on. Furthermore, it destroys what God intended, which was that a couple should and will be united into one.

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