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Strategy sessions to be held September 9-19.

September 8, 2005 (Toronto, Canada) -- A recent Supreme Court ruling in the U.S. declared that public displays of the Ten Commandments in a Kentucky courthouse were unconstitutional. What may appear as a major setback to the Ten Commandments has, in fact, resulted in a massive coordinated response from some of America's top religious leaders.

The Ten Commandments represent the moral foundation of this great and blessed nation," states Ron Wexler, President/CEO of the newly formed Ten Commandments Commission (TCC). "Sacred laws that this nation was founded on are being assaulted and denigrated daily by an army of secular champions determined to destroy every vestige of America's rich spiritual heritage."

Over the past several months lawsuits and Supreme Court rulings have forced the removal of Ten Commandments displays from schools, city halls, and other public buildings across America.

"We've seen destructive lifestyles applauded and promoted in schools and public venues even as prayer, Scripture, and expressions of faith are ridiculed and banned," explains Wexler.

To combat the erosion of the Ten Commandments in society, Wexler is meeting with Jewish and Christian leaders in Canada to formulate a coordinated response. The September 9-19 strategy sessions will discuss how churches, synagogues and various religious ministries can affirm and maintain the Judeo-Christian moral tradition in society.

Also at the forefront of the movement to restore the Ten Commandments to society is Pastor Myles Munroe, Chairman of the TCC.

"We are very disappointed in the Supreme Court's ruling against the Ten Commandments," says Munroe. "Recent court rulings represent a divergence from the founding Judeo-Christian principle of the sovereign divine supremacy, and they threaten the very fabric and foundation of the pillars of our society."

Other major religious leaders have voiced their support for the TCC. It has been reported that influential Christian leaders T.D. Jakes, Mark Chironna, and Bishop Eddie Long have been wearing the "commission's" spiritual symbol, the "10 Commandments Pin" as a show of unity and support.

Pastor Mark Chironna stated, "The nation needs the Ten Commandments Commission, in fact, so does the entire world."

Wexler and Munroe are calling on religious leaders to take part in a massive nationwide campaign to restore the Ten Commandments and godly principles to a place of respect and reverence in America.

At the forefront of the commission's effort is the creation of the first annual "Ten Commandments Day" to be held on May 7.

The commission is calling on ministry leaders to take part in a nationwide campaign to restore the Ten Commandments and Judeo-Christian moral principles back to a place of respect and reverence in America.

"Declare Sunday May 7 as 'Ten Commandments Day' in your church!" proclaims Wexler. "Plan for your message to center on the importance of the Ten Commandments and godly moral principles both to individuals and to our nation. Pastors, rabbis, and community leaders have a responsibility to lead the challenge that will stop this dark assault on America's morality and God's Holy word," says Wexler.

"There is a huge coalition of people who are committed to the commission's efforts," reports Susan Zahn, founder of the Christian PR firm, WDC Media. "Daily, churches and ministry leaders are contacting the commission to join the cause."

"The Church has always been the moral guide for America-and pastors have always taken the lead," says Munroe. "Now more than ever, our nation needs their leadership. We pray that thousands of God's anointed will answer this spiritual call to arms and join us in taking a bold stand for God's law and moral values."

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