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World Renowned Christian spokesman-Bishop Eddie L. Long-Voices Support for Ten Commandments Commission
by Michelle Bertello
WDC Media News

(Boca Raton FL) ---- Bishop Eddie L. Long, Senior Pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church , announced his support for the Ten Commandments Commission and the Ten Commandments Day celebration scheduled to take place nationwide on May 7, 2006.

"We're thrilled that Bishop Long has raised his voice in support of the commission's key directives," declare Ron Wexler and Pastor Myles Munroe, founders of the Ten Commandments Commission. "We believe our efforts are an important step in restoring the one standard that will preserve our society."

The Ten Commandments Commission is a joint effort of religious and public leaders from across the nation to restore God's law and Judeo-Christian principles.

"Ten Commandments Day will be a declaration to the world that people of faith in America are serious about standing up for righteousness and the godly standard this nation was founded upon," Wexler says.

With over 25,000 members and more than 40 ministries, New Birth built its Cathedral, not only for services, but also to accommodate the Administrative Offices, Faith Academy, Christian School of Excellence, and a variety of programs and activities such as conferences, concerts, theatrical productions, graduations, weddings, educational classes and more.

"We realize that people, not buildings, represent the church, and that the sacredness of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church comes from the one and only God our Father," Long states.

"With that as our mission, we totally endorse the Ten Commandments Commission, particularly its Ten Commandments Day celebration. May the Lord spread the message of TCC from shore to shore."

The conviction that people of faith from all walks of life have a responsibility to take a bold stand for godly principles has prompted ministry leaders and organizations to support the efforts of the TCC and Ten Commandments Day.

Among the ministry leaders who are voicing their support for the TCC are Dr. Paul Crouch (TBN), Pastor T.D. Jakes (The Potter's House), Richard Shakarian (Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship), Bishop George McKinney (Church of God in Christ), Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty (Tulsa Victory Christian Center), Benny Hinn (Benny Hinn Ministries), Ted Haggard (National Association of Evangelicals), Dr. Mark J. Chironna (The Master's Touch International Church), Richard Roberts (Oral Roberts University), Marilyn Hickey (Marilyn Hickey Ministries), Bishop Paul S. Morton (Life Center Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral), Dr. Jerry Horner (Director of Doctoral Studies, Beacon University), Dr. Charles Phillips (Official Representative to the United Nations as a Non-Government Official to the Economic Concilias), Bishop Harold Ray (Redemptive Life Fellowship), Dr. Charles Green (Faith Church of New Orleans), Floyd Flake (Pastor and former Congressman), and Rabbi Yehuda David Greenberg and many more.

"Our nation now stands in the ' Valley of Decision ,'" says Wexler. "It's time for all who honor God and His righteousness to let their voices be heard. That's what the Ten Commandments Commission is all about."