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Oct 29, 2005 ( Boca Raton FL )-- A recent Supreme Court ruling declared that public displays of the Ten Commandments in a Kentucky courthouse were unconstitutional. This major setback to the Ten Commandments, though, has resulted in a massive coordinated response from supporters of the bedrock principles upon which the United States was founded.

"We are very disappointed in the Supreme Court's ruling against the Ten Commandments," says Ron Wexler, President and CEO of the international organization the Ten Commandments Commission ( TCC ). " This ruling represents a divergence from the founding Judaic-Christian principle of the sovereign divine supremacy and it threatens the very fabric and foundation of the pillars of our society ."

In response to the Supreme Court ruling, Roni Wexle, together with Pastor Myles Munroe, Chairman launched the Ten Commandments Commission to restore the Ten Commandments to its rightful placeat the heart of American society.

At the forefront of the commission's effort is the creation of the first annual 'National Ten Commandments Day' to be held on February 5, 2006.

"The TCC is calling for a National Ten Commandments Day to be celebrated on February 5th of 2006 and each year thereafter in the month of February, "says Wexler. "This will be a time to come together in unity to bring back and proudly display the Word of God to the nation."

According to Wexler, churches across the United States are being encouraged to celebrate the Ten Commandments Day in their local communities through corporate prayer for the nation and messages from the pulpit about the importance of biblical principles to this country. "Each day churches are contacting us and saying that they are joining the cause," he says.

"We also have created a 'Ten Commandments Pin' as a global symbol of our stand for the Ten Commandments," says Wexler. "We want every person who cares about traditional values to wear this pin on May 7th and everyday as a powerful sign of solidarity."

Heading the list of supporters is Dr. Paul Crouch of TBN.

Among the other ministry leaders who are voicing their support for the TCC are: Pastor T.D. Jakes ( The Potter's House ), Richard Shakarian ( Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship ), Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty ( Tulsa Victory Christian Center ), Benny Hinn ( Benny Hinn Ministries ), Ted Haggard ( National Association of Evangelicals ), Dr. Mark J. Chironna ( The Master's Touch International Church ), Richard Roberts ( Oral Roberts University ), Marilyn Hickey ( Marilyn Hickey Ministries ), Bishop Paul S. Morton ( Life Center Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral ), Dr. Jerry Horner ( Director of Doctoral Studies, Beacon University ), Dr. Charles Phillips ( Official Representative to the United Nations as a Non-Government Official to the Economic Concilias ), Bishop Harold Ray ( Redemptive Life Fellowship ), Bishop Eddie L. Long ( Bishop Eddie Long Ministries ), Dr. Charles Green ( Faith Church of New Orleans ), Floyd Flake ( Pastor and former Congressman ), and Rabbi Yehuda David Greenberg and many more. . .

"The Ten Commandments Day is going to be monumental in our country's history," declares Susan Zahn, President of WDC Media, a leading Christian Public Relations firm.

"There is a huge coalition of people who are committed to this effort," declares Wexler. "This includes thousands of cross cultural, interdenominational and community leaders. There are also many Pastors, Rabbis, Educators, and Heads of Denominations who are committed to bringing the word of God back to the nation."

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