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by Grant Swank

"My lambasting, if you will, of federal courts is simply because they've intruded into our lives," Roy Moore says.

"When a court starts telling you how to worship and that you can't worship a God upon which this nation was founded, they're wrong -- they violate the Tenth Amendment and the First Amendment. When judges start making law as opposed to interpreting law, they can't fulfill their oath of office."

America, of course, has not heard the last of former chief Justice of Alabama's Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore. He is now going to run for Alabama governor. His chances for making it are good.

There are many riled over the fact that Moore was forced out of his office two years ago. Why? He held his principles firmly instead of buckling under to the politically correct establishment. He would not obey a court order to remove the Ten Commandments monument from Alabama's judicial building.

When running for the governorship, he stated to media that he is not going to ride the Ten Commandments issue. He is going to show a broader platform but with of course the biblically moral base that he believes in.

It was Moore who witnessed that doing what the federal judge ordered him to do removing the Alabama Ten Commandments monument would have been "a violation of his oath of office."

That oath makes it mandatory for Moore to recognize Creator God.

"Judge Moore's stand regarding the Ten Commandments monument and the Judeo-Christian tradition in America is absolute reality. He is to be commended for his public position. We at the Ten Commandments Commission consider such forthright testimony to God's truth as commendable and necessary in an increasingly sescularized age," said Ron Wexler, President/CEO of the Ten Commandments Commission (TCC)

When speaking via CNN, Moore stated: "I do support the acknowledgment of God, and I would support and defend any person's right to acknowledge God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government simply because that is the foundation of our law, the foundation of our country."

Moore has declared his Christian ethics repeatedly while at the same time explaining that such explanations are legitimate in a nation that honors freedom of speech. He has defended believers in various venues for their right to speak their faith in public.

Moore said to the press that his freedoms are "part of the organic law according to the United States Code Annotated," as well as "part of every constitution in every state."

He let it be known with certainty that he holds that "what I did in Alabama by displaying a monument did not violate the First Amendment."

Many grassroots voters agree totally with Moore on his faith and his principle positions. They are expected to put their allegiance where their votes are cast for Alabama's governor.

These same persons agree with Moore that America cannot tolerate activist judiciaries who rob citizens of their religious freedoms

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