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Dear Elected Official:

Our nation is at a spiritual crossroads.

As a coalition of religious and community leaders we have committed to defending the traditional moral values that made this nation so great.

Recently, the Supreme Court issued a ruling against Ten Commandments displays at courthouses in Kentucky. Liberal "civil liberties" groups have threatened law suits against communities all over the nation, intimidating city officials into removing Ten Commandments monuments that have stood in communities for decades.

This concerted assault, along with efforts to remove "In God We Trust" from our currency, faith from our schools, and the public celebration of religious holidays like Christmas from our culture clearly demonstrates that America is in serious danger of forsaking the Judeo-Christian principles upon which it was founded. One wonders how far this nation must drift from its faith moorings before people will stand up to declare that "Enough is enough!"

That is why we have founded the Ten Commandments Commission . We are a grass roots faith based organization dedicated to preserving our nations rich spiritual heritage for today and for generations to come.

In not you and I, who will stand up and defend America's religious freedoms against the attacks of a determined group of secular humanist intent on removing all vestige of faith from American culture?

On Sunday, May 7, 2006, Christians and Jews from around this nation and the world will join to celebrate the first ever Ten Commandments Day , a day set aside to honor the bedrock principles this nation and countless society have been founded on -- The Ten Commandments.

We would be honored if you would support our effort and join us in this unparalleled endorsement of the values and principles so vital to America 's continued greatness.

We have also developed a dynamic symbol for our movement, the Ten Commandments Pin . This piece of fine jewelry uniquely expresses the reverence generations of Americans have held for the Ten Commandments.

As an elected official, please accept my deep gratitude for any support you can offer to this voluntary observance of The Ten Commandments Day, a day we are certain will serve as a to the whole world that faith, family, and traditional values are still at the heart of America's greatness.

Sincerely yours,

Pastor Myles Munroe, Chairman, Ten Commandments Commission

Ron Wexler, President / CEO,Ten Commandments Commissions

Dr. Paul Crouch, Founder and President of the Trinity Broadcasting Network

Bishop T.D. Jakes, CEO of The Potter's House of Dallas

Rabbi Yehuda David Greenberg

Jerome Edmondson , Senior Partner of Edmondson Associates

Benny Hinn, Founder of Benny Hinn Ministries

Richard Shakarian of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship

Bishop George McKinney of Church of God in Christ

Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty of Tulsa Victory Christian Center

Ted Haggard, President of the National Association of Evangelicals

Dr. Mark J. Chironna, Overseer of The Master's Touch International Church

Richard Roberts, President of Oral Roberts University

Marilyn Hickey, Founder of Marilyn Hickey Ministries

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Founder of Life Center Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral

Dr. Charles Phillips, Official Representative to the United Nations as a Non-Government Official to the Economic Concilias

Bishop Harold Ray, Pastor of Redemptive Life Fellowship

Dr. Charles Green, Pastor of Faith Church of New Orleans

Bishop Eddie L. Long of Bishop Eddie Long Ministries, Inc.

Jerry Horner, Th.D., Director of Doctoral Studies, Beacon University

Floyd Flake, Pastor and former Congressman

Susan Zahn, President and Founder of WDC Media Public Relations

Jason T. Christy, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, The Church Report

David W. Clark, Ph.D. , President of Palm Beach Atlantic University