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Son Broadcasting Network Partners with the Ten Commandments Commission

2005-12-16 -- [Pictured] Belarmino R. “ Blackie” Gonzalez

Prominent National Religious Broadcast Leader, Belarmino R. “ Blackie” Gonzalez, member of the NRB is partnering with the Ten Commandments Commission as it gears up to debut its annual Ten Commandments Day celebration May 7th.

The Ten Commandments Commission was initiated by Florida biblical scholar Ron Wexler as a vehicle to help return America to its Jude-Christian moral roots. "This is a crucial period in America, because we seem to have lost our moral and faith focus," said Wexler, "It is important that our nation's religious leaders act in unity to lead people of faith back to the center of our nation's greatness. That center is a recognition of God's righteous standard and a submission to it."

Wexler, who was recently a guest on Blackie Gonzales "Son Broadcasting's" full-powered VHF Christian television station, KCHF TV-11 which continues to bless New Mexico and the nation from its 316,000 -watt transmitter on “La Voz de Cristo Rey” mountain. Named in 2000 as “TV station of the year” by the National Religious Broadcasters, KCHF TV-11 confirmed, once again, that it continues to be a powerful instrument in spreading the Word of God. Gonzales is a key player in helping to promote the Ten Commandments Day and its global symbol the Ten Commandments Pin.

Among others joining to form the Ten Commandments Commission Broadcasting Committee include:

-- Dr. Frank Wright, president of the National Religious Broadcasters, an international association of Christian communicators with over 1,400 member organizations, including hundreds of faith-based television and radio stations and networks throughout America.

-- Ron Hembree, President, Cornerstone Television, a Christian network based in Pennsylvania, and many others.

The newly formed Ten CC Broadcast Committee say's that unity will be demonstrated in a special way on Sunday, May 7, 2006, when people of faith from around the nation -- and world -- celebrate the first annual Ten Commandments Day. "This is a day we have specially set aside and planned when all good people who are concerned about maintaining God's righteous standard will join together in a massive and unified show of support, say's Wexler."

About Belarmino “Blackie” Gonzalez:

Belarmino “Blackie” Gonzalez was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He taught IBM courses at the college of Santa Fe and then opened his own IBM Training School. Blackie and his brother, George, went into partnership with the former Governor of New Mexico and together they owned and operated KDCE, a bi-lingual radio station in Espanola. As an entrepreneur Blackie ran a number of businesses over the years including KAFE AM and FM radio stations, an art gallery, gas stations and restaurants. Blackie has a great love and appreciation for the city of Santa Fe, the city of Holy Faith.

Today, he is Founder-President and CEO of Son Broadcasting Network, which owns KCHF TV, Pan American Broadcasting Company, which owns KDAZ Radio, Belmax Broadcasting and Health Tech Inc.

Blackie serves on a number of boards and associations including the Presidents Council and Board of Directors for the National Religious Broadcasters, is Vice President of ACTS, an association of Christian Television Broadcasters and is on the Board of the Prince of Peace Embassy, a national prayer ministry in Washington, DC.

Blackie has a special love for Israel and actively gives his support to organizations such as the Jewish Federation, Hadassah Hospital, and the Israel Ministry of Tourism. Blackie has initiated projects that have financially supported Israel in times of need.

Belarmino Blackie Gonzalez and his wife Joanna reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their children and grandchildren also reside in New Mexico and are a tremendous blessing from God. The entire family is involved in the ministry.


KCHF TV-11 went on the air on January 21, 1984 as the Nation's First Full Power Christian VHF Television Station and was the first Christian station in Albuquerque. During the first few years four translators were added covering more communities of New Mexico.

KCHF TV-11 transmits 316 kw Effective radiated power from “La Voz de Cristo Rey” Peak at an elevation of over 10,000 feet making it New Mexico's most powerful VHF station.

The “Prime Channel Positioning” of TV-11 is among the major networks giving programmers and advertisers a greater advantage of those who surf between the local and national networks such as ABC, CBS, TNT, UPN, and others.

KCHF Digital Channel 10 went on the air in May 1, 2004. Digital Television (DTV) is a new type of broadcasting technology that will transform the way television is viewed. KCHF digital Channel 10 is currently on the air in low power and will be finished with the full power build out by December 2006. DTV is a more flexible and efficient technology than the current analog broadcast system. Rather than being limited to providing one analog programming channel, KCHF will be able to provide multiple channels offering a variety of programming to serve the community. Digital television will also allow us to provide our viewers with more information available to them through HDTV.

KCHF TV-11 is the only New Mexico station on satellite throughout North America. Because of this tremendous blessing KCHF can now be seen on cable systems in communities throughout New Mexico where there has not been any Christian television presence. Additionally, Comcast Cable has assured us they will continue to work with us as we continue to extend our reach throughout the state. As a result of our satellite uplink we now reach a much larger statewide audience through the cable systems and have the same channel position of Channel 11 in each community.

In addition to cable KCHF TV is also on Echo Star/Dish Network, Direct TV, the Home Satellite System and also streams on the web, which has opened our doors to a national and global audience. God has blessed us to reach all of New Mexico and the world!

Satellite has also made it possible to syndicate programming such as “God Answers Prayer” and “A Healthier You” to stations and networks throughout North America. Viewers from other areas of the nation have responded overwhelmingly to the programming originated from New Mexico and continue to call in daily into our 24 hour prayer line.

Programming on KCHF TV-11 includes local, National, and International Christian ministries as well as locally produced programs that are meeting the needs of the community. Many ministries have been with us since the beginning such as CBN and have become a part of the beautiful landscape of New Mexico through TV-11. Kids and youth programming, Concerts and specials contribute to the colorful tapestry of the station. KCHF is a leader in Health and Nutrition; producing daily health programs hosted by the best Christian nutritionists and doctors which are syndicated nation-wide to other Christian networks. Over the years the station has taken lead in many of New Mexico's community issues through public affairs programming. Join SBN as together we meet the physical and spiritual needs of the community.

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