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Ron Wexler [CEO] of the Ten Commandments Commissions Appears on Daystar TV and Introduces the Ten Commandments Pin and Ten Commandments Day

2005-12-21 -- WDC MEDIA NEWS

By Susan Zahn
WDC Media

Ron Wexler, CEO of the Ten Commandments Commission (Ten CC) and Dr. Charles Phillips, spokesperson for the Ten CC, were featured guests recently on Daystar Television Network's popular broadcast "Celebration" hosted by network founders, Marcus and Joni Lamb.

Wexler and Phillips discussed the upcoming "Ten Commandments Day" being celebrated on May 7th in the US and around the world, and its symbol - The Ten Commandments Pin - which has become a symbol of unity in the restoration of God's moral standard to society.


Imagine people of faith all over America identifying with the standard of righteousness upon which this nation was founded. That's the inspiration behind the striking Ten Commandments Pin introduced recently by the Ten Commandments Commission, a nationwide grassroots coalition of religious leaders and people of faith committed to defending America's Judeo-Christian foundation.

"We wanted to offer people an attractive, dignified expression of their devotion to God's standard of righteousness," explained Ron Wexler, co-founder and CEO of the Ten Commandments Commission, "something they could wear on their lapel that shows their respect and devotion for that standard."

Wexler commissioned a Jerusalem craftsman to produce a design that would depict the unchanging glory of God's law. "We believe God's hand was on this artist, because what he designed truly represents the glory and holiness of these divine laws," he said. Wexler then had the beautiful design, with its striking gold tones, miniaturized into a piece of fine jewelry.

"From the very beginning, the response from people has been overwhelming," said Wexler. "This dignified and beautiful Ten Commandments Pin gives expression to the deep respect and reverence generations of Americans have had for the Ten Commandments and the Judeo-Christian principles that have guided our nation from its inception."

At a time when the Ten Commandments are being banned from public places, along with prayer, scripture, and expressions of faith, it is crucial for people of faith from all walks of life to take a bold stand for righteousness, said Wexler. "That is what the Ten Commandments Commission is all about," he explained. "To enable people to come together in unity and declare their commitment to God's holiness and righteous standard."

That unity will be demonstrated in a special way on Sunday, May 7, 2006, when people of faith from around the nation -- and world -- celebrate the first annual Ten Commandments Day. "This is a day we have specially set aside and planned when all good people who are concerned about maintaining God's righteous standard will join together in a massive and unified show of support," said Wexler.

The Ten Commandments Pin was designed for this special observance, he added. "Our vision is for everyone who honors God's law and His righteous standard to proudly wear the Ten Commandments Pin and be part of the Ten Commandments Day observance."

Wexler explained that he hopes to see individuals, families, congregations, schools, and organizations join together to show their support for the Ten Commandments. "This is why we've kept our price for these beautiful pins as low as possible," he explained.

The pins retail for $14.95, he said, and the Ten Commandments Commission is offering special quantity pricing for churches, schools, and ministries. "We're so proud of the Ten Commandments Pin, its striking appearance, and what it stands for that we want to offer them to churches and other non-profit groups as a fund-raising tool in addition to promoting this righteous cause," he said.

"I strongly believe that God has raised a core of righteous leaders and people of faith around this nation to lead the defense of the Ten Commandments and God's righteous standard in our nation," said Wexler. "It is a cause every American should be involved in."

To find out what you and your church or organization can do to help defend the Ten Commandments, or to order your Ten Commandments Pins, visit online at or call the Ten Commandments Commission at 1-800-930-8197


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