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Religious leaders to celebrate Ten Commandments Day

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Nampa, Idaho (January 4, 2006) - In response to a nationwide movement by prominent Christian leaders and religious broadcasters to celebrate the first-ever Ten Commandments Day on May 7, 2006, Signs of the Times and Pacific Press have developed a new sharing tool, called Taking a Stand for the Ten Commandments, to help Adventists share their unique understanding of the Decalogue.

Written by Mark Finley, Taking a Stand for the Ten Commandments, is a compelling eight-page sharing piece designed to present a balanced call to Christ and the Commandments. It also includes information on how to obtain free Bible study guides.

"Many churches across this country will be celebrating the Ten Commandments Day on May 7. As Adventists we can use this opportunity to share our unique message about the Ten Commandments," says Dale Galusha, president of Pacific Press®.

Christian leaders who have been organizing the Ten Commandments Day say they hope to provide a platform of support for the Decalogue, as well as remind America of her moral heritage, through the celebration. They feel court rulings in recent years that have eroded the Decalogue's place in American society.

Taking a Stand for the Ten Commandments will be available at your local Adventist Book Center® beginning January 19. A sample copy is available now online at Quantity discount pricing starts at $.24 each in packs of 100. Zip code mailings are also available for $.47 per copy, postage and handling included. To place an order, call toll-free (800) 765-6955.

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