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Ten Commandments Commission Appoints Belarmino "Blackie" Gonzalez New Chairman

2006-01-11 -- WDC Newswire | For Immediate Release

Ten Commandments Commission Appoints Belarmino "Blackie" Gonzalez New Chairman

Group partners with NRB for May 7th Ten Commandments Day Celebration

(BOCA RATON, FL) -- The Ten Commandments Commission, a nationwide grassroots coalition promoting Judeo-Christian values, announced that it has named Belarmino “Blackie” Gonzalez as its new chairman.

Gonzalez, president of Son Broadcasting Network in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will replace Dr. Myles Munroe, who has served with Commission founder Ron Wexler since the Commission's beginnings in 2005. Dr. Munroe, who pastors a church in the Bahamas, will continue to work closely with the Commission as it prepares for the nationwide Ten Commandments Day celebration on Sunday, May 7th.

“We are excited to welcome Blackie to the Commission and look forward to the dynamic leadership he will provide as we prepare to honor God and His Word on Ten Commandments Day,” said Wexler.

Gonzalez, a board member with the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), said he has been struck by the amount of excitement generated by the Commission. “Ten Commandments Day is truly going to be a coast-to-coast celebration of our nation's reverence for God,” he said. “America was founded as ‘One Nation Under God,' and we are praying and working to see the heart of America once more return to that rock-solid foundation.”

Gonzalez said he has contacted many NRB member media outlets to garner support for the effort, and the response has been overwhelming. “Our nation's religious broadcasters take very seriously their mission of encouraging and challenging their communities with a message of faith,” he explained. “The May 7th Ten Commandments Day is an effort that so many NRB members have shown incredible support for. They're really helping give this effort nationwide exposure.”

Wexler explained that because of the dramatic response for Ten Commandments Day, the date of the celebration has been moved from February 5th to May 7th. “We literally have not been able to keep up with the incredible response we've gotten over the last few weeks for our Ten Commandments Pins and information on Ten Commandments Day,” said Wexler. “In order to plan for the celebration and to respond to the interest, we really felt it was important to move the date.”

He added that the NRB's larger role has also necessitated more lead time for program preparation. “The generous support we've received from our nation's religious broadcasters has been so encouraging,” he said. “We wanted to give them plenty of time to coordinate their efforts so that the Ten Commandments Day celebration can be broadcast to the largest audience possible.”

Gonzalez added that the May 7th date closely coincides with the historic time period between the Jewish Passover and Pentecost when Moses encountered God and received the Ten Commandments. “The Ten Commandments benefited all mankind and has been the basis of law for many societies,” said Gonzalez. “What better way to highlight this reality than for believers everywhere to come together in unity and declare that we as a nation commit to honoring His word and reverencing His authority in every area of society. That's the purpose of Ten Commandments Day.”

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