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Hope TV: 10 Commandments Day Special Broadcast
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TCC In The News. . . 5-3-06 -- The Hope Channel will be breaking into its regularly-scheduled programming on Sabbath, May 6, 2006 to bring a special report on the 10 Commandments Day movement in the USA. Is this the beginning of a national repentance, or a sign of imminent peril?

Discussing the religious liberty implications of the new legislative interest in the Law of God will be Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine, and Drs. John Graz and Jonathan Gallagher of the Church's Public Affairs and Religious Liberty department. There will also be a Question and Answer segment with Pastor Brad Thorp and Gary Gibbs, president and vice president of Hope Channel and attorney James Standish, director of legislative affairs for the Adventist Church. Viewers are encouraged to send their questions to . Other special guests will include Ron Wexler, president of the 10 Commandments Commission; and Blackie Gonzalez, chair of the 10 Commandments Commission (first broadcast in February).