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The Ten Commandments are brought to San Diego!
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2006-07-16 -- (San Diego, CA) -- Bishop George McKinney of St. Stephen Church of God in Christ and Dr. John Ringgold of Bethel Baptist Church will host on Tuesday August 1st. pastors, local community leaders and people of faith who will be signing the Ten Commandments Day proclamation. These leaders will join the Ten Commandments Commission and a host of leaders from around the nation who on May 7.2006 proclaimed the Ten Commandments Day on the first Sunday in the month of May. "This is a day dedicated to the display, awareness, commemoration and celebration of the Decalogue known to be the divine foundation of the Judeo-Christian faith says Ron Wexler, the president of the Ten Commandments Commission".

”The Ten Commandments Commission was formed in the spring of 2005 following the court rulings against the Ten Commandments, along with a host of other disturbing trends that are witnessed daily throughout our culture. These events,” says Bishop McKinney “that are as disturbing now as they were then, clearly demonstrate that our nation is moving away from moral absolutes. The actions of some have threatened the very fabric and foundation of our culture and faith”.

“The Public displays of the Ten Commandments and other symbols of our faith have been a powerful visual testimony to the fact that the United States of America is "one nation under God." Their removal from public places show that those with a secular humanist agenda are intent on destroying the moral heritage of our nation while also attempting to make sure future generations do not recognize the major influence the Ten Commandments have had in shaping our laws and freedoms” said Dr. Ringgold.

”With secular humanists waging their attacks at home, and the looming threat from the international radical Islam” says Wexler, “people of faith become the line of defense - this is the "Wall of Jerusalem", and we are the watchman God has placed there. Therefore, those who care about moral values cannot passively sit by and watch the removal of the very principles that made this country great. The Ten Commandments and what they represent are the heart of all moral code and must be defended before they are removed from society altogether.

We are a grass root movement led by some of the nation's largest ministries and men of God.
The First Annual Ten Commandments Day was celebrated on Sunday May 7th thousands of churches and synagogues used the day to celebrate the Ten Commandments as pastors and rabbis spoke about their importance in society. We believe” adds Wexler, “that no civilized society or government can exist successfully without the recognition, acceptance, adherence and submission to an absolute authority. We also believe that absolute authority is the source of Moral law and the standard for value judgment. Therefore, the principle of freedom demands the protection of God's moral law. And the Ten Commandments commission is the response to this challenge and endeavors”.

”This will be a great gathering” said Bishop McKinney and it will provide a unified expression of our national commitment to divine prerogative. And, it will help restore the supremacy of the tenants, precepts and principles contained in and established by the Ten Commandments”.

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