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A Modern Day Miracle
Global Warming or God's Warning?

Ron Wexler, Commentary


Hitler's book, My War, (aka Mien Kampf), describes a plan not unlike that of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Though Ahmadinejad is the leader of a sovereign nation, and a member of the UN, he has repeatedly and openly threatened Israel and the Jews, as well as deny the holocaust outright; yet he is allowed to remain a UN member. Hitler's My War was a blueprint for World War II, for the destruction of Europe, and the death of millions. 

In a similar way, Ahmadinejadıs rhetoric is leading to the same climate that existed in 1938. But instead of putting a stop to his antics while there is still time, a policy of appeasement is, in effect, illustrating that the world has learned little from that terrible time in our past.

Like it or not, whether itıs politically correct or not, what we are currently facing is cultural and spiritual warfare. This was the contest of Elijah on Mount Carmel; we are witnessing a modern day contest between the Baal and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

But God is a faithful God! God created a modern day miracle. It may astonish many and make others rather uncomfortable, but the miracle I am referring to is the actual war with Lebanon that took place several weeks ago. I strongly believe that God allowed this war for a reason; to wake us up before it is too late. 

In recent years, the Israeli army has been busy training instead of fighting the nation's enemies; it was trained to fight its own people. Israel's armed forces, Zahal, instead of preparing for the inevitable war against the Arabs, was training and involved in the evacuation of the Israeli settlers in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. 

Some of the most patriotic segments of Israeli society, people filled with Biblical convictions, settled with their families in the most dangerous places in greater Israel, and lived among Arab radicals and terrorists. They suddenly became the enemy of Israel ­ the obstacle for peace. Imagine, now these great Israeli's, their families, children, and elders have become the ones that the Israeli armed forces have been trained to uproot from their land. 

The Israeli armed forces were not ready for the fight against Hezbollah in the war against Lebanon because they were occupied with, and training for, the planned evacuation of the Jews! Evacuations of Jews from the land promised to them by God.

The following is a quote from a speech given by Acting Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, several months ago during a visit to the U.S. Omert said, "We are too tired to fight, to punch, to win, and to be victorious. We want to live in peace on our land, and live in peace with the Arabs."

May I say to you Prime Minister Olmert, you don't bring peace by being politically correct, and you don't bring peace by being too tired to fight, punch, win, or by not being victorious.

How much longer will it take before the leaders of Israel will admit that a policy of appeasement in the Middle East is being perceived by the enemies of Israel as nothing less than a defeat for Israel, and a victory for them. Leaving Gaza did not bring rest and peace to southern Israel; in fact, the reverse has proven to be the case. And now, where there was once a beautiful Jewish settlement, there is a community in which terrorists lurk in the shadows. Where there was once a beautiful synagogue in which Jews prayed and worshiped, there are now rockets landing on Israeli cities.

Prior to the evacuations of Jewish settlements in Gaza and the West Bank, the Israeli army had provided security to these communities. With the army's protection in and around them, terrorists did not have access to the borders of Israel. The Jewish settlements provided buffer zones between the killers and the victims ­ the evacuation of these settlements was simply a ploy to place the killers in closer proximity to their victims; the terrorists are now within easy range of major cities in Israel, as was witnessed during the last war with Lebanon and the Palestinians.

The unilateral evacuation from southern Lebanon in 2000 put the Hezbollah in the forefront of Israel. The pulling of Israel from Gaza brought the Hamas to power. Now Prime Minister Olmert is talking about the unilateral evacuation of Jews from Samaria and Judea. This will guarantee one thing; it will bring the Katushas and Kassam rockets into range only a few miles away from Tel-Aviv, and practically place them at the heart of Jerusalem.

The Lebanon war, "Miracle Syndrome," was simply a gift from God; a reminder to us. If this war with Lebanon had not taken place a few weeks ago, and instead had happened three years in the future, the situation in the Middle East would be much different. With the "disengagement plans,² Israel would have had no buffer zone between them, and the Palestinians, the Israeli armed forces, would have been even less prepared to fight a massive war against Hamas, Hezbollah El Qaeda and, God forbid, Israel's arch enemy Iran who would have then been equipped with a nuclear bomb. 

This war with Lebanon woke the people of Israel up from a deep sleep they have been in for years; investigations are taking place and committees are being formed to correct the bungling. In all likelihood the government will change, and a more realistic approach to the situation will replace the current policy of appeasement and political correctness.

In my view, this is as much a miracle as any of the well-known Biblical miracles that have occurred. If this war had been waged in three years, there would have been a greater potential for Hitler's plan, now shared by Ahmadinejad, to have been successful ­ wiping Israel off the very face of the earth forever.

But, God is good, God is faithful, God is merciful, and God has promised to be the shield of Israel at a time of need. What we clearly need is to be obedient to God, and to forget about the world around us and its appeasement and political correctness. Let Israel be Israel, and let Israel do what Israel needs to do.

This war is the war between good and evil, righteousness and sinfulness, goodness and cruelty, truth and lies, love and hate, believers and non-believers, life-loving people and murderers. This is the modern Elijah's contest with the Baal Priests on Mount Carmel. Allow the mighty God of Israel to reveal himself once again and redeem us all.