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By LAURA MATTHEWS, Staff Reporter
The Nassau Guardian

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8-11-06 -- The Ten Commandments Commission (TCC) will hold an exclusive ceremony at the Diplomat Centre to honour Dr. Miles Munroe, Founder and President of Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFH), on Monday. The ceremony will include a signing of the Ten Commandments proclamation by Dr. Munroe the same day.

Local pastors, leaders and people of the faith will be encouraged to sign the Ten Commandments proclamation days after, at another ceremony hosted by BFH that will be held concurrently with their 2006 Leadership Summit on August 15-18.

His co-founder of the TCC, Ron Wexler, and other TCC members and religious leaders from around the world, who have established the first Sunday in May as the Ten Commandments Day, will join in on the ceremony.

"This is a day dedicated to the display, awareness, commemoration and celebration of the Decalogue, the latter regarded as the divine foundation of Judeo-Christian Faith," Ron Wexler told WDC Media News, a Christian News and Media Agency.

Dr. Munroe said that the "Ten Commandments Commission was formed in the spring of 2005 following the US Supreme Court rulings against the Ten Commandments [and] it came about because of a host of other disturbing trends that even today are witnessed through our culture.

"We believe that no civilized society or government can exist successfully without the recognition, acceptance, adherence and submission to an absolute authority. We also believe that the absolute authority is the source of moral law and the standard of value judgement. Therefore, the principle of freedom demands the protection of God's moral law. The Ten Commandments Commission is the response to that challenge and endeavours.

"This will be an impressive ceremony. We invite everybody who cares about the effort to return God to society to join us. This will provide a unified expression of our...commitment...and it will help restore the supremacy of the tenets, precepts and principles contained in and established by the Ten Commandments."

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