Ten Commandments Commission

A Judeo - Christian Initiative

A stand for Israel

The Ten Commandments Commission (TCC) was formed in 2005 by Dr. Ron Wexler. One of the main purposes of the organization was to create a global think tank with world’s leaders who have already recognized the lasting power of, and need for, the Ten Commandments.  In addition to fighting for morality, the Ten Commandments Commission provides a powerful mechanism for Jews and Christians to stand together in support of Israel, without any hidden agendas, dogmas or doctrines. 

More specifically, the Ten Commandments Commission resolves to bring together all people in a spirit of unity, harmony and reconciliation in order to bring the plight of Israel to the forefront of our national conscience.  The TCC enables a platform for proper public relations, helping spread the truth about Israel through the dissemination of non-biased and factually correct information. The TCC also facilitates major opportunities for huge trade & commerce potentials and advance cultural exchanges.  

"There exists a deep friendship between Israel and the U.S. - between our peoples and countries. The basis of this friendship is common values, a commitment to democratic values, freedom, peace, and common interests, including the drive toward regional stability and preventing terrorism and Violence”        Ariel Sharon

Our aim is to provide:

Facilitating partnerships between Christians and Jews

One of the TCC’s major long-term objectives is to bring innovative business opportunities and cutting edge technologies, developed and proven in Israel, to other markets. This will provide tangible benefits to Israel and other nations by addressing domestic and international needs.
The strongest TCC principal objective is to enhance Israel's image by simply exposing the truth.
The TCC was created, in part, to highlight areas where Israel might contribute to the betterment of mankind.